At the present moment I am not a licensed clinical supervisor. However, I did complete a course in CBT supervision. This is the reason that I conduct only intervision sessions. This means that I do not evaluate your work in accordance with government or company standards, I cannot allow or not allow you to work somewhere or with a specific group of clients, and I cannot be held responsible for how you use the recommendations we discuss during our meetings. Intervision is a meeting between to specialists, in which you can receive a professional and evidence-based opinion about the work you do as well as recommendations about methods, research or any other resources that I think could be useful in your work. We also do role-plays and practice interventions that you may find difficult to do with clients. I conduct group intervisions through BeCompany (link) and individual intervisions.
How does it work?
  • Evaluation
    Before the first session please fill out this questionnaire. I will receive the results and reply to you via email.
  • The first meeting
    If it seems that I can be of help to you and your practice we can schedule the first meeting.
    Right now I only work online and prefer to use Zoom. However, I also use platforms like Google Meets, Whatsapp or Telegram. The online format requires video calls, intervisions are not done over text messages, emails or voice calls!
    Each session is 55 minutes long and costs 4000 rubles (or the equivalent in any other currency).
  • How can I prepare?
    Intervisions will require some additional effort on your part. You will need to prepare case conceptualizations and audio or video session recordings. We will discuss you personalized requirements during our first meeting. You do not need to bring a case conceptualization to the first meeting.
  • Where can I read more?
    You can read more about the format, method, expectations and process of intervision here.
Work quality
These are some of the things you can expect to get as part of intervision:
  • A specialist who studied specifically to be a supervisor.
    Historically supervisors were just therapists who were in the field long enough. But recently more and more studies support the (obvious) hypothesis: a good therapist is not necessarily a good supervisor. There are more and more courses and programs for supervisors, which I fully intend to complete.
  • A specialist that is part of a SIG for supervisors.
    Be Company has a special interest group (SIG) for therapists who have take on the initiative to develop guidelines for supervision / intervision and evaluate each other's intervision sessions.
  • A specialist who is both gentle and honest in work.
    I will provide honest constructive criticism and be gentle about taking care of you as a therapist :)